Linaelyn Telcontar (linaelyn) wrote in cali_pirates,
Linaelyn Telcontar

Come Sail Away with Me!!!

and a whole bunch of other piratical and pirate tolerant types.

If you're planning (or even just interested and hoping) to make it to the Late July Pirates Gathering: Sail Into the Sunset '05, please come and join the community:

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Holy monkeys, I love love love your LJ icon.

I want to date it.

THat's all. :)
My icon is made for me by angstslashhope, who also made this one here ^^^ as a giftie. She's a fabulous and talented photoshop artist.

The "horizon" icon was made from a photo I took while sailing on the Schooner America, seven miles off Key West, FL, on Thanksgiving day, 2003. It was a gorgeous day and evening, and the icon makes me smile, every time.

Thanks for the kind words.