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We've got an emergency in our midst among tallship community

For those who haven't heard about it, the wood-hulled brigantine the Irving Johnson ran aground Monday morning on an unmarked sandbar just outside of Oxnard, CA. For those unfamiliar with the Irving Johnson, she is one of twin brigantines owned and operated by the Los Angeles Maritime Institute as part of the TopSail sail-training program for inner city at-risk youth. She is also a ship i volunteer crew on as time permits.

Here are some links on the situation, gleaned and consolidated from the discussion going on in obriansnavy.

Slide show of photos from the Ventura County Star

Video footage from same:

A post with first-hand photos made by aghrivaine to the community obriansnavy

Follow-up post made by same in same.

Sign on San Diego's story

The Lady Washington's statement on the situation

...and if you have a registration password for the LA Times there's several articles in there you can find by searching on "Irving Johnson".

I'll be x-posting parts of this to tallshipgeeks, but i figured since many of us in this comm are familiar with the LAMI twin brigs and other tallships that make berth in the various CA ports, we might want to talk about, i dunno, maybe some kind of fundraising effort or coordinating a volunteer effort once they do get her off that sandbar if there's extensive maintenance required. Ugh. I just feel so sick and sad.
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