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More info on the LA Festival of Sail in October

Today i crewed on board the brig Exy Johnson out of the port of San Pedro (big writeup with photos is forthcoming within the hour in my personal journal, for them as cares), which is hosting the Los Angeles Festival of Sail next month, Oct 16-17, and I got the scoop on what ships will be in attendance.

The "host ships" will be the fleet of the Los Angeles Maritime Institute, which are as follows:

-Irving Johnson and Exy Johnson, twin 111' wood-hulled brigantines
-Swift of Ipswich, a 70' square topsail wood-hulled schooner
-Bill of Rights, a 136' gaff-rigged topsail wood-hulled schooner (she's for sale, BTW, for $1M, if anyone wins the lottery)

Visiting ships will be:
-Kaisei, formerly of Japan, on her way to her new home of San Fransisco, a 151' metal-hulled brigantine (website is out of date)
-Spirit of Dana Point, 118' schooner from Dana Point, CA
-Tole Mour, 156' square-rigged topsail schooner, 3 masted, of Claremont, CA
-Privateer Lynx, 122' square-topsail schooner of Newport Beach, CA
-Argus, 68' topsail ketch, also of Newport Beach, CA

There *will* be battle sails at this festival (this means cannonfire).

They are also looking for volunteers to help out, and volunteers can sign up to berth on board the ships Saturday night.

There will also be a party for crew/trainees/volunteers on Saturday night, sponsored by the Port of LA.

I will be volunteering during the festival. Anyone interested in volunteering as well? I can post contact info if so. You do not have to be a seasoned sailor to volunteer, either--they are looking for people to help with leading tours through the ships, and on land as well. Or, if folks just want to attend, I'd love to be part of a meet-up.
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