daroos (daroos) wrote in cali_pirates,

Sea San Pedro!

Come one! Come all! Saturday and Sunday, Sea San Pedro! Come and visit the Irving and Exy Johnson! The Kaisei and the Spirit of Dana Point (the Pilgy). Sunday the Lynx will be out and about, and the Argus should be doing a sail-by.

Parade of Sail Saturday morning at 10. Come for battle sails Saturday and sunday afternoon (40$ adults, 25$ kidlets, buy tickets the day of for boat of choice) and... cool stuff.

Seriously, if you'd like, come out and volunteer; they need your help! If you'd like just come out. I'll be wandering around all day Saturday, and on the Irving Johnson (probably) for battle sails Saturday, in a large black felt hat with a yellow ostrich feather in it, and Sunday before noon. Come one! Come all! Come ye pirates! :)

Oh, sorry, it's at Ports'o'Call, basically. On Harbor between 5th and 6th is the LA Maritime Institute, which is where half the stuff should be happening. The rest should be strung out along Ports'o'call, in San Pedro! Yay!
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